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    Technology and Smart living have never been so easy, with SmartHome21 Applications your home can be transformed into a digital center for maximum relaxation, entertainment, security and comfort 


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    Select from a variety SmartHome products designed to provide full autonomy and control over your home's lighting, security, geysers, garages and so much more. SmartHome Packages provide you with a simple cost-effective solution. All installations and programming are included in the pricing. Don't hesitate to contact our Sales Team for more information.


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    We have outlined the most frequently questions about SmartHome21 and our Smart Products, for more information and content - please select the link below and drop us an email. 

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    1What is a smart home?
    Smart homes automate and connect your household appliances, giving you more control than ever before. Everything is typically connected using WiFi, though it can also use radio protocols like ZigBee and Z-Wave. Another new option will be Bluetooth 5, which is said to be a potential technology for connecting smart home tech. With devices connected to the Internet, you can setup: Remote control, for adjusting the thermostat from anywhere Home automation based on schedules, motion, temperature, and Voice control using Alexa, and Google Home.
    2What smart home products should I buy first?
    Baby steps. Start with a small, inexpensive smart home gadget that’s compatible with other technology. We recommend Google Mini Gen 2 or Alexa Devices
    3Should I get Alexa, Google Home, or something else?
    That depends on your preferences. As more smart speakers join the market, it’s certainly becoming a difficult choice. Alexa and Google each have their pros and cons. Alexa has a variety of devices, including the inexpensive Dot and the impressive Show with a full screen built in. Google Home’s big benefit is that it understands and answers questions easier than Alexa
    4Which SmartHome Package Should I choose?
    Based on your budget and requirements, we recommend that you give our technicians a call to outline your needs.

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